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For Sale *Pre-order Open!*

I have one box available to pre-order. If you signup for the pre-order, the puzzle will be produced and I will email you as soon as the box is ready to ship. Once the invoice is sent you have two weeks to pay or decline. 

Please fill out a signup as soon as you know that you are interested in ordering a puzzle because it helps me to plan for the materials and production scale.

Fibonacci Signup

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Youtube Instagram Facebook If you would like to recieve my puzzlebox newsletter just contact me at the bottom of this page and say" Hello Jesse,  sign me up for the puzzlebox newsletter" and leave your name and email. 


This was so much fun to solve :) A solid well built box. Loved the design and intriguing patterns. Very happy I have a box from this designer. -Monica This box is wonderful. Its very well made and the locking mecanism is very unic! Its heavy and a solid block of pure quality …


Scroll down to see each of my puzzle box designs that even date back to before I launched Jesse Born Wood Designs!

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