Pi Puzzlebox


I began working on this puzzle run in early November of 2017. It is called Pi, so named for the beautiful Yosegi wedges on top resembling a nine slice pie, but perhaps this isn't the only reason for the name....

I don't usually make puzzles that are this extravagant in design but I felt it was ideal to make at least one incredible woodworking effort per year to keep a balance and challenge myself. It took me a couple of months to convince myself that a box this complicated could be built efficiently but I eventually invented methods that would be precise enough to make a production run of the puzzle.

This box is made entirely from wood and and stays locked by a secret move combination. When the box is in the unlocked position all of the Yosegi pieces will be centered on top of the pie box, forming an uncut pie on top of the box. The sides of the box are Mahogany, the bottom is curly Maple. The inside of the puzzle is lined with Walnut wood and the underside of the lid is Purpleheart.