Box Office FAQ

Q. How do I purchase one of your puzzle boxes?

A. Go to the for sale page and buy a box

Q. Do you ship overseas?

A. Yes! We ship all over the world! A flat rate is added to cover extra shipping and transfer fees for shipments outside the US.

Q. How can I make sure not to miss a new design?

A. On the for sale page, click on and fill out the “New Box Alert!” form, and we will send you an email asking you specifically if you would like to sign up for a new release

Q. How much do your boxes cost?

A. Typically my puzzles range from $200-$700. Shipping, Tax, and Transfer fees are included for USA destinations, with a flat rate added to buyers outside the US at checkout. 

Q. When will my puzzle box be ready?

A. Go to the Production Updates page and scroll to your box number(included in your pre-order confirmation email) and see the estimated completion date stamp