Introducing the Saifu Box

A wallet/business card box the size of a cell phone

The basic inspiration for the puzzle was having a useful box that I could carry in my pocket and pull out anywhere to show people what a puzzlebox actually looks like. 
I like the fact that the box has a useful purpose( stores credit/business cards) and makes the tier of functional art. Designing such a small box was a real challenge especially with the mechanical feats that would need to be pulled off to achieve the flashy opening that I wanted. The box is only .65" (16.51mm) thick; I found that this to be the "perfect" thickness in proportion to the height and width of the box. Shaving tenths of an inch off the mechanism was a really big deal and led me to redesign the mechanics over three times. 
I made over eight prototypes of the box!

I have a couple projects currently underway so I'll be trickling in the Saifu boxes over the next few months. It actually takes me a long time to just make two of these boxes, much longer than is reflected in the price, but I hope to speed up with a larger quantity. With all the prototypes I've gotten a lot of practice making this particular design. 

As always I hope to take lots of pictures of the production to show here without actually giving away any secrets. At this point I don't know exactly when I'll be able to start building and shipping these could be a matter of days or a couple months. Stay tuned!

I had fun shooting a short video while making a couple of the prototypes...I hope to make a part two and go a bit deeper into the actual build when I start building the production boxes.