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Jesse Born LLC is releasing its very first subscription-based puzzle experience: The Sherlockian Box.

This is a 5-month experience where puzzlers are tasked to uncover clues, decipher codes, and unravel the mystery of the locked Sherlockian box. Puzzlers will be shipped a packet each month from January through May of 2024, and one of those months will include a locked puzzlebox that holds the answer to the mystery... if you can open it.

This release is limited as this is a new format for Jesse Born puzzles. We intend to re-release this subscription box in the future, so if you didn't get in the first run, we'll post again when we're ready to re-open orders.

The Lost Vault box is beginner level puzzle box that uses riddles, combinations, and secret moves to safe guard the cherished belongings of the infamous outlaw Jesse James!

This puzzle was designed by Jesse Born, with a special thanks to Joshua Gant, Ben Oxenford, and Christina Born(sister).

This is the Limited edition metal version.

This Puzzle is a nautical theme sequential discovery puzzle made from Steel, Brass, Copper, Ipe Lumber, and PLA (internal only).

We estimate and are working towards one puzzle per year in this flagship-style adventure-theme puzzle. Josh and I originally designed the Sea Chest puzzle and Luke Marshall made the copper ornaments for them, so this is in effect a continuation of that theme and genre.

Pictures and videos of the puzzle will come out soon

This design is a collaboration of Jesse Born, Luke Marshall, with special thanks to Joshua Gant. There will be 300 puzzles made which will be signed and dated in the first edition, and 100 of a second edition. 

All Captain's Quest puzzles are currently sold out.

There will be a sequel to this puzzle.

Check out these puzzle t-shirts I designed! You can purchase these here on my Teespring page.

My employees and I enjoy wearing brand T-shirts and Teespring allows us to sell these shirts without taking any of our time away from building and shipping puzzle boxes. 

I designed the Lost Vault in a very basic CAD model back in 2020, and I've only just gotten around to bringing the puzzle to market through the technology of 3D printing. This box will be my first 3D printed puzzle! 

Ben Oxenford started helping me design the puzzle for 3D printing in November of 2021 and six months later we are now ready to share it with the public! 

I sent the puzzle to Steve Canfield to review, and then Robert Yarger as well, and they gave me some great feedback and we subsequently added another couple of puzzles to make it a little harder to solve all of the box's secrets. This is a beginners puzzle, but there are multiple layers to the box that make it a well-rounded solve with riddles and hints along the way. 

The Fibonacci Puzzle Box

Created: 2022

The Fibonacci box is a mathematical anomaly, and is based on a previous puzzle design called the "Pi Box" .

There are currently no pictures of a finished Fibonacci box as the puzzle is still developing. 

Please checkout the social media links to see the latest progress on this puzzle.

The SunDial Puzzle Box

Created: 2021-2022

The SunDial puzzle box is the Sequel to the Sea Chest puzzle box. It is the the second box in the the Voyager Trilogy. 

This puzzle is designed and built by Jesse Born and Robert Yarger. The SunDial is a sequential discovery puzzle with six secret compartments. The goal of the puzzle is to navigate the compartments, find tools to help solve puzzles, and retrieve the final prize; a Citrine Gemstone.

Sold out

Sea Chest

Created: 2020

Sea Chest was created with elaborate puzzles that require solvers to crack the code to unlock. The design features a "seaworthy" treasure box look, with handmade metal details by a local silversmith.

Pre-sold out. Look for the next box in the trilogy.

Jack in the Box

Created: 2019

One hundred of these little beauties were shipped to puzzlebox fans around the globe when the Jack in the Box launched in 2019. The design is a Yosegi pattern with exotic woods that puzzle box solvers from “rookie” to experienced can enjoy! Inside, puzzle box solvers find a deck of playing cards.

Sold out

Sectretum Cista Puzzle Chest

Created: 2018-2019

Secretum Cista is a mechanical puzzle chest that contains 17 drawers -- each with a unique puzzle to be solved to open the final secret compartment. The chest is made entirely out of wood and required a tremendous amount of planning and prototyping to synchronize the final mechanism.

Secretum Cista was designed in 2018 and manufactured from 2018 to 2019.

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Sold out

Pi Puzzle Box

Created: 2018

This puzzle box is made entirely out of wood, and that includes wooden hinges made out of an exotic dark wood called Mexican Ebony. The Pi Box is an octagon design with nine wedges of "pie" that move in a secret sequence to unlock the box; the puzzle is solved once all nine pieces are centered. It was released in 2018 on National Pie Day, March 14.

Sold out.

Saifu Box

Created: 2018

Saifu means “wallet” in Japanese and that's what this little puzzle is - a beautiful, innovative wallet for carrying a credit card, license, and maybe business cards. It is also more secure because it needs to be “unlocked” to be opened.

Sold out

Yosegi Pattern Puzzle Box

Created: 2017-2018

This all-wood design includes Cherry, Curly Maple, Walnut and Mahogany woods and features a truly unique Yosegi pattern. The difficulty for unlocking this box is easy to medium.

Sold out

Sequence Logic

Created: 2017

This puzzle has a somewhat complicated solution that works like a maze with dead ends and backtracking that can result in a very lost puzzler. These boxes were made with the ability to be reprogrammed into a different combination once the box is opened. Unlocking this box may seem easy until puzzle solvers realize they are trapped in a maze web and will need to figure out how to backtrack and start over again.

Sold out.

Victorian Puzzle Book

Created: 2016

An old-fashioned Victorian style that holds a few mysteries is the genre I was shooting for when I initially designed these puzzle books. The wooden books are completely handcrafted and hold a secret chamber locked by a three-move combination.

Sold out.

Puzzle Combo Box

Created: 2013

The Puzzle Combo box is one of my earlier designs, and it sports a combination of 1,012 possible keys.

Not for sale.

Puzzle Book

Created: Designed in 2012 and produced in 2015.

This unique puzzle book was one of my first puzzle boxes that helped launch my design and manufacturing business. I designed this puzzle book as a puzzle for beginners, and when I produced it a few years later it quickly sold out.

Sold out.

This was the very first puzzle box I created, and this is where it all started. I made the first when I was about 14, then came back to the design a few years later and posted it online. I was amazed how quickly it sold!